Banking and Finance

Our team is able to provide solutions to complex banking and finance problems posing in the Central Africa Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC). Nonperforming loans has been on the rise in recent years due to the upsurge of insecurity and falling oil prices on the international market. Our experts in the banking sector provide well-structured risk management and lending policies in order to curb the proliferation of nonperforming loans.

Our expertise will always be needed in the banking sector in order to comply with the numerous procedures as provided by the various laws, ordinance, presidential decrees, ministerial orders, conventions and circulars which are continuously amended and repealed.

The debt recovery procedure has been simplified by the OHADA Uniform Act. Our team has been able to recover debt on behalf of creditors through arbitration and also, litigation. We also represent debtors who are facing difficult times due to the economic hardship. We have been successful in negotiating on their behalf for extension of time, reduction of debt and cancellation of interest rate.

We provide consultation on project finance in infrastructural projects, oil and gas, telecommunications and the mining sector. We advise our clients on foreign exchange restrictions, taxes and data security. Moreover, we provide complex analysis, presentations, financial models such as discounted cash flow model (DCF), determining financial trends and utilizing data to forecast future trends.