Startups and foreign investment

Over the years, a lot of companies- both national and foreign companies have been out of business either because they adopted a poor corporate policy, litigations emanating from breach of contracts and compliance problems.  The lawyers of DH Law Firm have knowledge of complex issues regarding formation, corporate restructuring, taxation, securities law, as well as intellectual property law. Our team has put in place well-structured policies to help companies survive in Cameroon after incorporation. We have over the years registered a considerable number of companies. Our policy is to first proffer clients with various forms of companies under the OHADA member states and their advantages and disadvantages.

How to start up a business in Cameroon? How to buy a business in Cameroon? How to invest in startups? How to build a start up? How to get funding for startups in Cameroon? What is a startup cost? and Why do startups fail? Are the frequently asked questions we receive from clients.

Do you have the next big idea or are you tired of working with your boss and ready to be your own enterprise? Are you excited to get your startup off the ground or take it to the next level with financing? As a law firm with an innovative mindset, our startup lawyers are well suited to provide you with the legal support you will need each step of the way.

We as assist clients in obtaining the various licenses which are available to the public such as liquor license, import and export license, mining license, exploration and exploitation of wood license.