Cyber Criminality

They have been the proliferation of companies in most African states and Cameroon in particular in recent times. These companies do face a common threat which is cyber criminality. Many companies, schools, banks, individuals, organization and other institutions have been under attack and little has been done to redress this growing threat. Banks and other financial institutions are those who suffer the most from this threat and a lot of litigation has emanated as a result, with heavy liability.

Cybercrimes are punishable in Cameroon. We help our clients by providing advice on how to prevent such crimes from being committed.  It is advisable to consult our firm when a threat is imminent or when an uncertain transaction is to take place so that we investigate and offer sound judgment from the facts. Cybercrimes include but not limited to cyber bullying, identity theft, money laundering and ransom ware.

Our team provides top-tier guidance to our clients on how to protect themselves and also keep themselves abreast with the laws regulating the cyberspace.